Hostel is a Home away from Home

Youth Hostel Bangalore is a licensee hostel with Youth Hostels Association of India, YHAI is Affiliated to : International Youth Hostels Federation world wide, It is a non-religious, non-political, non-commercial unit transcending barriers of race, colour, sex, caste, creed or social background, It provides young people on their educational excursions, inexpensive hostelling facilities in the form of bunker dormitories – separate for ladies and gents, A dining hall with self-service, a common lounge"  It is a place for forming friendship, recreation and informal education. Youth Hostels are not to be mistaken for luxury homes; not are they to be mistaken for residential hostels, which provide boarding lodging for long periods. Youth Hostels provide simple accommodation at moderate cost for short period, 3 days at a time, extendable at the discretion of the Warden in deserving cases.

ROOMS ( Two person ) Extra bed Rs.200/-

Handicapped Rs.150/- ( Copy of the ID ) Rooms members a/c Rs.860/- and non-ac Rs760/-
Members and students Rs.200/- & others Rs.225/- Rooms others a/c Rs.960/- and non-a/c Rs.860/-
First Floor Second Floor
Dormitory - 1, 26 Beds A/c Room - 2 Beds
Dormitory - 2, 08 Beds Non - a/c Room - 2 Beds
Dormitory - 3, 14 Beds Family Dormitory - 8 Beds
Dormitory - 4, 08 Beds Ladies Dormitory - 26 Beds
Advance received will not be refunded once accommodation is confirmed, except as under;
Refund of Advance admissible Request for Cancellation received
50% 15 Days before date of accommodation
25% 07 Days before date of accommodation
No refund Less than 7 days of accommodation
Full refund minus postal and bank charges and / or one postponement permitted till 31st March of the year subjected to the the availability of accommodation on the desired date. On discussion / cancellation of trains / bus service due to rail roko, bandh, accidents, breaches, floods, road blocks / advisory by the government or hostel itself restricting travel for reasons e.g. out of break or epidemic natural calamity in the near vicinity of mysore; closing of hostel for maintenance or any reason. Production of proof necessary. 


Encourage youth travelling, education & understanding through personal experience.